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Those little kicks in your growing belly...




We may not realize the importance of pictures at the moment, but they truly are priceless captures of precious pieces of moments of our lives.  

We may not feel pretty when we are pregnant, we may feel like we've put on too much weight, maybe we have stretch marks on your belly and that is ok. Because nature has given us a beautiful gift that defies biological logic, and that is most definitely worth remembering for a lifetime.

We may not realise at the time that we will cherish those pictures regardless the shape of our body.

And that is the simple reason why I encourage you to book a session!

I am also a BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHER. If you want to find more about it, please drop me a line. 

Shoot for good!

Every time, you book a family session with me, you also support a non-profit as 10 euros goes to them. 

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