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Unicef Guate Anchor

Five years for UNICEF in Guatemala

In today's increasingly complex world, the well-being of children is essential to achieving systemic change and fostering a just, safe, equitable and sustainable society

The global  application of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) could address many of the challenges we face. Investing in children's rights and giving them the means to become informed and empowered adults, capable of tackling the root causes of problems such as poverty, inequality, social exclusion or environmental crises, is a proactive measure against future crises.

UNICEF plays an essential role in defending children's rights and implementing transformative initiatives around the world. 


Over the past five years, my journey as a photographer with UNICEF in Guatemala has been incredibly inspiring as I've witnessed firsthand the impact of their work on children’s life.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to support children’s rights organisations through photography. I know that each photograph I capture serves as a powerful narrative, showcasing the programs that empower children and safeguard our planet's future. 




 #UNICEF #ChildrensRights #ForEveryChild

Unicef Guate Text Anchor
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