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Princing and more


My style

If you wander around my webpage, you will notice I am doing a lot of photo reports about maternity and infant care for for non-profits. This work has defined my journalistic approach to photography.  


My style is simple and minimalist. I don't make you pose, I don't ask you to look at the camera unless you feel like it (I see the dads reading this feeling relieved!) and the session is very spontaneous. I want everybody feeling comfortable. If you need a break we take breaks. 


In the pricing section, you will see a timing for each session to give you an idea. But if the session takes longer, well, it just does...


As for me, I try to become invisible and usually, you won't even hear the click of my camera as it is silenced! 


You are the one creating the pictures by being natural and when there are kids around the natural becomes chaos and fun. And this is absolutely ok with me. 

My Style



I take the only privacy very seriously. Unless you specifically say otherwise, the pictures I take of you and your family are private and I will not publish anything public without your consent. 

This is also the reason, you will notice that most of the sessions on my family blog are password protected. 

Helping Hand


The saying "Time is money" is a concept I do not apply when it comes to taking pictures of your family, friends, babies or children. I do free my time specially to take pictures of you! It also makes my pricing list very simple as I do not work on time basis. 

If you wander around my webpage, you will notice I am doing a lot of photo reports  about maternity and infant care for non-profits and NGO such as UNICEF amongst others. 

I therefore do realise the importance of funding for non-profit organisations. This is why, for every shooting you do with me, 10 euros goes to a non-profit of your choice. I call this program shoot for good.

Pricing families
Shoot for Good

Shoot for good!

I have been taking pictures for NGOs and many other other non-profits around the world for years. The quality of the services non-profits provide to the communities greatly depends on the funds they receive. 

Every time, you book a family session with me, you also choose to  support a non-profit of your choice as 10 euros go to them.  This is my way and yours to contribute to a stronger and fairer society. 

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Au-delà des nuages

Au-delà des nuages provides support to parents who lost a baby in utero or at birth. 

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Child focus

Child Focus is a Belgian foundation that supports prevention and investigation of missing children, abducted children, runaway children, and sexually abused and exploited children, along with psychological and legal support to the victims.

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Mothers step in

We have had enough.

As mothers, we will not stand by and watch as the world warms to a point that is dangerous for our children.


Who I am

I am the mother of a 5-years-old little girl that never cease to surprise me and to inspire me. She teaches me a lot about the world and she keeps nourishing the child that was long hidden inside of me. 

Together we travel in our imagination, under water and whenever we can, abroad. 

I am thankful for the life I have and I aspire to bring the same level of happiness to others. 

If you want to find to more about me, follow this click HERE

Who I am
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